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All Martial Ats study the anatomical weaknesses of the body. These amazing arts are the foundations of defensive systems from around the world, such as Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, etc. Each art has a particular focus whether it be strikes, locks, throws, ground fighting, and more. Different arts work differently for different body types, personalities and mental makeup. The beatiful thing about the Martial Arts Resource Center is that there is something here for everyone! As the Martial Arts Resource Center expands, you will see each art have its own page and list of instructors and training material.

If you are a martial artists looking to add something to your training...we have it here for you!

If you are new to martial arts and are looking for a stye that best fits you...we have it here for you!

If you need to change styles for whatever reason....we have it here for you!

The Martial Arts Resource Center™ (MARC) is all about delivering great content at great prices! There are no politics, no organizations, just martial artists of all styles sharing their knowledge!!

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The MARC also has speciaized curricula in:

- Kyusho

- Ryukyu Kempo (White - Black Belt)

- Ryukyu Kempo Instructor Training (for those who want to be high level teachers)

- Children's Kempo Training (Mark Kline's Curriculum)

- FOCuS - Force Options Control Systems - A defensive tactics program for Security, Military, and Law Enforcement Personnel


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If you are interested in becoming a part of the history of Martial Arts in the modern us!


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